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This article demonstrates how to use Allaire's XML serialization technique, Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX [described at]), to transfer CFML data structures from the server to the client, and into JavaScript and back. Generally WDDX's approach is to interchange data of all types (including complex data types such as nested structures, n-dimensional arrays, record sets, or even binary data) between different programming platforms. Overview of WDDX WDDX is simply a way of describing data in a text-based form. Technically it's an XML DTD (Document Type Definition) of XML tags that describes simple and complex data types, such as the contents of a nested structure. Many major Web programming platforms are adopting WDDX; it's currently available in CFML, Java, ASP, PHP, and Perl for the server-sided, platform-independent exchange of data. In addition t... (more)

WIZML by Example - ColdFusion Studio Wizards

This article is the third in a series on customizing the CF Studio IDE. If you haven't read the first two about VTML, see "VTML by Example, Parts 1 and 2" (CFDJ, Vol. 3, issues 6 and 7) for an introduction to the CF Studio extensions, and learn how to use the Visual Tools Markup Language (VTML) to develop the user interfaces for CF Studio extensions. This article demonstrates how to design CF Studio Wizards using the Wizard Markup Language (WIZML). What Are Custom Wizards? Custom wizards are step-based dialogs inside CF Studio that ask for user data and solve special tasks based... (more)

Developing a WAP Based E-mail Interface

This article is about developing an application for wireless devices with WAP support. For this I've chosen to implement a WAP-based e-mail client. On the Web, using HTML, this is quickly done with ColdFusion. This should also be true for WAP, I thought. Whether or not it turns out to be true...well, just read on. Okay, it did turn out to be easy, since CFDJ has published several articles about the design and pitfalls of WAP development in the last few months. I strongly suggest that you also take a look at the two-part article "Developing Wireless Apps with ColdFusion" by Charli... (more)

Live Monitoring of User Sessions

During a recent intranet project, I encountered the need for live reports of all currently open user sessions within an application. The goal was for me to be able to see how many users were currently online with an open session when rolling out new templates from the development server to the production server. That way I would be able to determine whether it was a good idea to update the live production server or if it would be better to wait until the late evening (of course, I'd probably need to call the local pizza service, instead of having a nice dinner with my girlfriend... (more)

Another Custom Tag DHTML Wrapper

This article demonstrates how to write a paired custom tag that encapsulates complex DHTML logic into a simple-to-use tag. I was inspired to write by Tim Buntel's article about DHTML wrappers in CFDJ (Vol. 2, issue 4). It motivated me to extend a custom tag I had developed and used throughout my projects. As you can see from Figures 1 and 2, my custom tag acts like a nice widget that enables Web pages to become user-friendly by providing a mechanism that collapses and expands content, then wraps it with a titled border. It groups Web sites into several sections that a user can exp... (more)